Pablo's Adventure - The Great Challenge

Pablo is 14 years old and lives with his parents Juan and Julia and his sister Juanita and brother Benito in Curamba, a Peruvian village in the Andes mountains. His parents make their living from handcrafting traditional items. Pablo’s mother uses their llamas’ wool to knit wonderfully soft and warm scarves, hats and ponchos.

His father makes jewelry from lapis lazuli and other precious stones. All three children are expected to help with home chores. Their parents can rely on them and are very proud of their kids. 

Every month, Juan travels to the town of San Ramon to sell their jewelry and garments. The income from his sales supports the family. Yet, two weeks ago, Juan broke his leg and he is now sitting at home with a cast on his leg. He can work his craft but is unable to travel to San Ramon to sell the items on the market.

Julia and Juan are pondering now how to solve this problem and get their goods to the market.

This is where our story begins!